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Wild Berry Incense:

Wild Berry Incense sticks are famously renowned for delivering a gorgeous, long lasting scent that lingers on long after the actual incense has burned out. These flavoursome sticks don't only smell amazing, but they look it too. Dyed in a rainbow of colours plus a sweet sprinkling of glitter on some of the sticks, they are pretty to look at and pretty to burn. With a vast selection of fragrances to suit any mood or occasion, we highly recommend Wild Berry Incense to be your first choice when you need an incense stick!

Patchouli: This floral, almost sugar sweet incense has a subtle chocolatey undertone that creates a warm and fragrant environment.

Sandalwood: This classic scent is appetising to the nose and fills the room with a soft, woody scent that beautifully lingers long after the incense has stopped burning.

Love Shack: This zesty incense is perfect for creating a warm, lively atmosphere. Featuring both sweet and sour notes, this incense is both playful and passionate.

Ocean Wind: This cool, refreshing scent is ideal for creating a calm, revitalizing atmosphere. An ideal choice for buring during meditation.

Dragon's Blood: This lustful, rich scent is an excellent way of setting a sweet and smokey atmosphere. Perfect to use in order to set the mood for a romantic night it.

Egyptian Musk: This luxurious scent smells both expensive and sweet. With light floral notes, this incense is ideal for setting a peaceful, rich atmosphere.

Cherry Vanilla: This deliciously sweet incense smells good enough to eat. Both rich and delightful, this mouthwatering scent lingers long after the incense has stopped burning.

Opium: This musky, rich smelling incense is a classic scent which promotes a lovely woody yet fragrant atmosphere. Ideal for use in rooms that feature a sofa, as the furniture absorbs the gorgeous scent.

Peace Of Mind: This ripe, delicately sweet incense has subtle undertones of plump strawberries ready to be eaten. The mouthwatering scent lingers on for a very long time and can be used to create a warm, peaceful atmosphere.

Sensuality: This summer sweet scent is both rich and daintily smokey. With warm spicey undertones, this incense is fantastic for creating a romantic, passion-inducing atmosphere.

Tibetan Orchid: This fresh, tropical incense has gorgeously smooth undertones of coconut. The nectarous scent is refreshing and ideal for bringing a taste of warm sunny beaches to any room in the house.

Tranquility: This calming and fresh incense is gentle enough to stimulate your senses and relax them at the same time. The cool scent is ideal for use during hot weather, or during meditation in order to keep restful.

Fairy Dust: This gentle scent is peppered with sweet and floral undertones, delicate and fresh. This incense is perfect for setting a playful or peaceful atmosphere, depending upon your own mood.

Jasmine: This beautiful and classic scent is as timeless as it is scrumptious. Both sweet and rich, this incense is ideal to use whenever you feel like a room needs a pick-me-up.

Orange: This juicy fragrance is good enough to eat! Both zesty and sweet, this incense smells extraordinarily simular to a freshly sliced orange. Perfect for bringing a kick of delicious flavour into any room in the house.

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