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Crystal Tumblestone - Amethyst

Our Amethyst can vary between batches, generally this will either be a light or dark purple, or more..


Crystal Tumblestone - Atlantisite

Atlantisite is a mixture of Serpentine and Stichtite. Atlantisite is a stone of compassion and unity..


Crystal Tumblestone - Black Obsidian

Protection, grounding, prophecy The energy of obsidian is protective, guarding and secure, remi..


Crystal Tumblestone - Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an ancient and honored stone. It is an intensely powerful healing stone of balance and..


Crystal Tumblestone - Blue Goldstone

Gentle, uplifting Legend has it that goldstone was first discovered by alchemists, as they atte..


Crystal Tumblestone - Blue Tiger's Eye

From a distance, blue tigers eye looks just like a plain deep blue stone, but when you look more clo..


Crystal Tumblestone - Calcite

Calcite is a powerful energy cleanser amplifier. It is said to be effective at clearing out old ener..


Crystal Tumblestone - Chiastolite

Chiastolite is a variety of andalusite, also knows as the "Cross Stone" because its cross pattern of..


Crystal Tumblestone - Clear Quartz (Extra Grade)

Clear quartz is also referred to as Crystal Quartz or Rock Quartz. As a healing tool clear quartz co..


Crystal Tumblestone - Dalmation Jasper

Grounding, stabilizing, healing The family of jasper stones have an energy that's very groundin..


Crystal Tumblestone - Fluorite (Rainbow)

Fluorite varies in colour. Some pieces are mostly green, others with tinges of purple and clear area..


Crystal Tumblestone - Galaxyite (Micro Labradorite)

These gorgeous stones contain tiny, tiny pieces of Labradorite in Feldspar and look just like a gala..


Crystal Tumblestone - Hematite

Hematite is naturally shiny and metallic. The finish will not wear off - it is permanent. One thing ..


Crystal Tumblestone - Labradorite

Labradorite is also known by the name Spectrolite or Rainbow Moonstone. Labradorite crystal usually ..


Crystal Tumblestone - Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a lithium mica mineral with a hardness of 2.5 to 4. It varies from white to dark purpl..