The wind chime can trace its lineage back to almost 6000 years; the first ones were constructed out of bone, wood, shells, pebbles and feathers. Celtic tribes used wind chimes to trick their enemies into thinking that the woods where they were hunting were haunted. The earliest wind chimes were thought to scare away evil spirits from people's houses, but it appears that wind chimes had a more practical use too. By 2000 B.C farmers in Indonesia had made wind chimes to frighten away pesky birds that kept eating the crops in their fields. This idea was mimicked by other cultures and it was the Chinese who created the more artistic chimes that made beautiful noises when blown upon. The soothing tones echo and reflect the gentle blow of the breeze, creating a peaceful environment that would be ideal for meditation.

Candle holders have been used since before ancient Egyptian times to prevent the flame from candles spreading. Tealights themselves earned their names from their use in heating teapots, a job in which a large candle would not be able to do. From this point on, tealight holders have been an essential part of protecting furnishings and people from the hot flame of small candles. Holders come in all shapes and sizes and can be beautifully decorated to make the most your flame. They are recommended by many as the safest way to burn tealights, inside the home and outside of it too. It is predicted that every home has at least one tealight holder, if you are not one of those houses, maybe you should be.

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