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Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Capricorn Jewellery
Healing: Dissolves trauma, shock and negative energies. Soothing to touch and useful when worn as je..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Gemini Jewellery
Healing: Good at relieving sinus troubles, this stone is highly clarifying. Also fantastic for stres..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Leo Jewellery
Healing: This warm stone is fantastic at generating pain relief and aiding astral travel. First beli..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Libra Jewellery
Healing: A passionate stone, red jasper is great for promoting mutual positive energies. Stimulates ..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Pisces Jewellery
Healing: Extremely soothing. Good for psychic and spiritual development, meditation, stress relief, ..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Sagittarius Jewellery
Healing: This attractive stone promotes self awareness and balances intellect with intuition. Helps ..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Scorpio Jewellery
Healing: This calming stone is a great tool for strengthening self protection and self healing. S..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Taurus Jewellery
Healing: This love-inducing stone is renowned for its power to attract a partner. Can be used t..
Crystal Classics - Zodiac - Virgo Jewellery
Healing: This intricate stone aids concentration, so wonderful when worn in examinations. It is gorg..